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Number 62 - Full rear and front extension

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Once the foundation and drainage were sorted our next step was to dig out the oversite and graded it to the correct level.

After the correct level has been achieved, we then set out the brick and block work for the extension up to the damp proof course. A type 1 MOT stone is then used and a weed suppressor membrane is installed.

Our next step was to start installing the block and beam floor and to cut out the brickwork to accommodate the vertical steel columns. On this particular project the new opening covered the entire width of the property, which resulted in us using our preferred system called "brick brace" with an aluminium ladder frame and additional acrow supports. This meant that when the brickwork for the new opening was removed the remainder of the property was fully supported.

Now came the daunting task of fitting the new horizontal steel which weighed in at around 500kgs. Once fitted it was then bolted to the vertical columns at each end of the building. These columns are also bolted to the new eccentric pads. This now forms what we call "the goalpost frame" which was specified by the structural engineer.


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