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Number 62 - Full rear and front extension

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We re-fitted the original front door and new cloakroom window which completes the front of property minus the addition of the step.

Moving back inside the property we started to level the existing floors throughout with levelling compound and applied 2 coats of primer prior to the installation of the underfloor heating system.

This particular system by Nu-Heat consists of pre-routed cement boards and plastic castellated panels which are fixed to the floor. Once fixed all relevant pipes circuits are installed as per the supplied plan. Each circuit is continual length of pipe which starts at the manifold and eventually ends at the manifold.

After all circuits are complete the system is then filled with water and pressure tested. This is to ensure there is no issues before the final stage of installation which is adding levelling compound to the castellated panels ready for the first stage of tiling.

The first required stage of tiling is to add a D-coupling membrane across the entire floor. This membrane is to allow microscopic movement to prevent cracking of the finished floor.

Before laying the porcelain tiles, we continued with the kitchen installation which involved fitting all the new cabinets and built in appliances as per the client's design. Part of this design included fitting a Kinetico Water softener and an instant boiling water tap.

Temporary worktops were fitted to allow the kitchen to be functional whilst awaiting the quartz worktop to be cut.


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