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Victorian Semi-Detached Circa 1880 Total Refurb

For this project our client was looking to add a mix of traditional and contemporary features throughout the property. We suggested adding a media wall in the living room instead of using the traditional cabinets or TV stands. This not only looks stylish but creates more space within the room.

We produced a design based on the clients media requirements which include space for illuminated glass shelves either side of the TV. Once the design was complete we then constructed our frame and added the electric points for the media items and lighting. This design of media unit ensures all of the wiring is hidden, once complete it gives a more sleek look.

Once the wiring is installed we then board out the frame which gives the media unit its final shape before the plaster can be applied.

Our media units can be fully customised to suit individual needs and projects including adding more shelves, larger TV opening or even a fireplace.

Make sure you keep following our blog so you can see the finished media unit and progress throughout the rest of the property.


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