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Victorian Semi-Detached Circa 1880 Total Refurb

The deconstruction continues throughout the top floor of the house. All sanitary ware is removed from the bathroom along with the carpet, wallpaper, skirting boards , old light fixtures and doors. One of the bedrooms had been partitioned to make two small single bedrooms, this also needed to be removed and was reinstated as a large double bedroom.

Once the deconstruction process is complete we can then start to rectify problem areas within the property. This includes installing new lintels and steels to support openings, previously not supported correctly. As seen in the photos we have installed an RSJ in the kitchen to support the original chimney breast. Had this not had been installed this would have affected the new kitchen design.

For all ceilings throughout the property the original lathe and plaster was removed and new ceiling frames were installed. The reason behind constructing new ceiling frames is the ability to get optimal light pattern layouts and run any necessary services including cabling , pipes and sound proofing if required. The result is a perfectly levelled ceiling throughout all rooms.

New powerpoint boxes, light switches and downlights were mapped out in the walls and ceilings and installed as per the clients design. We then made good all wall chases and installed new windows throughout before the finished layer of plaster can be applied to each room.

Check back next week to see the custom built media wall for the living room and the new plaster being applied.


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