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Victorian Semi-Detached Circa 1880 Total Refurb

A.D Wedgwood & Son latest project is a total refurbishment on a Semi-detached Victorian property circa the 1880's.

Before we can start any refurbishments, we need to remove any of the existing decor, electrics, ceilings, cabinets and sanitary ware which will be replaced.

This process started in the downstairs of the house with the hallway, dining room and kitchen. All decor was removed first including carpets, wallpaper, skirting boards, architraves, doors and wooden cladding. Once this is all removed, we can then start to de-construct all electrics and plumbing within these rooms.

Once this is complete, we can then move onto the next rooms including the living room, landing and bedrooms.

Double click each individual image for a full view.

Check back next week to see how we are progressing.


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