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Number 62 - Full rear and front extension

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Moving on from last week’s blog we are now focusing on starting the brick and block work up to frame height for the new extension. Once we have established where our door opening is we can then set out our face brickwork to accommodate this new opening.

On this occasion the left-hand side of the extension the brick work was built before erecting the block work. This was the adjoining side to the neighbour’s property which would leave no access which also meant the pointing was completed overhand.

Once all relevant wall ties and insulation was installed, we then started the internal block work. As part of the structural requirements another steel was needed above the new opening for the doors.

Now the brick and block work has been built up to the correct height, we could now focus on building the roof. In our initial consultation with the client, we advised that they choose a vaulted roof over a conventional flat roof. The reason for this is that the angle of the vaulted roof combined with the new electronic Velux windows would provide more natural light throughout the day into the rear of the property.

A breathable roof membrane is then installed followed by treated roof battens and then the roof tiles. Inside the new extension first fix electrics and the first layer of insulation was next on the list.


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