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Number 62 - Full rear and front extension

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The next phase of the groundworks we looked at was the existing drainage and mains water supply to the property.

After uncovering the existing drainage, we then carefully removed the concrete encasement around the drain to be able to access the original pipework. We then cut into the drain and added a new adaptor socket, which allows us to connect new plastic pipe to the existing clay pipework.

As part of the project, we had to install mains drainage to accommodate a new downstairs W.C, located at the front of the property. We also installed a new water main from the front of the property to the rear of the property to service the entire house as the existing water main wasn't sufficient.

Next we installed eccentric pads which are an additional foundation to support the steel vertical columns. These were required to be installed as we were removing the entire lower-level brickwork at the rear of the property. By installing these it would ensure the new rear extension would be totally open plan without the need for visible supporting columns inside.

As you can see from the final photos of this blog, the trenches in these photos were dug under the existing foundation from the inside through to the outside of the house. Due to the structural calculations for these pads the trenches were dug 2 metres in length, 1 metre wide and over 1 metre deep. These eccentric pads also required 2 lots of reinforcing mesh to be installed.


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