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Number 62 - Full rear and front extension

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Our latest project was on a house built mid 1950's with the client looking to complete a full rear extension and front porch extension.


The initial stages of work were undertaken at the rear of the property. We had to remove the existing porcelain patio, steps and lawn. After removing all of this we started work on the soakaway crates by digging to the required depth. This had to be a minimum of 5 metres from the property. From the pictures you can see we have had to dig over 8 metres from the back of the existing property to include the new extension.


These crates will assist in dispersing any surface water from the roofs and terrace into the ground away from the extension. The size of the crates used are determined based on the size of the existing and new roofs.


Pre installation a protective membrane is wrapped all around the crate. Once fully installed we then lined the trench with 10mm pea shingle which will aid the dispersal of the water within the crate.


We then started to dig our foundations for the extension. This particular project we dug the foundations down to a metre and 600mm wide. Once the foundation was dug, we installed polystyrene insulation to protect the existing drain run which was a requirement from the building inspector. The insulation stops the foundation concrete from bonding to the drain.


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