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Victorian Semi-Detached Circa 1880 Total Refurb

The kitchen is being re-designed with a utility room and downstairs cloakroom added to the rear. The first couple of photos are just a little reminder of what the kitchen looked like before we removed all of the cabinets, appliances, pipes and electrical cabling on week one.

A new back door and window for the kitchen were installed. We then closed off the second rear entrance to the garden to start the utility room and cloakroom. We laid the blocks to create our new rear wall and new window opening to replace the existing door.

The existing roof was insulated and new powerpoints , pipes and lights were installed based on the new layout of both rooms. Once this was complete the new rear window was fitted and the entire room was boarded ready for the plaster. The rear window will be fully glazed once the glass has been manufactured to the correct size.

Once the plaster was fully applied we used dehumidifiers to assist removing all moisture from the rooms while the plaster dried. Due to the current weather / time of year plaster and paint drying times can be delayed.

Keep checking back on our blog posts over the next few weeks to see all updates with this project.


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